March, 2021
3-28-15 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Japan

デザインコンセプトは、-Urban Natural & New Healing- 都会的な潤いと新たな癒し-占いを通して癒しや希望を求められるお客様にとって居心地が良い、特別な空間を目指した。 都会的で無機質なコンクリートに、生命力と潤いにあふれた様々な植物を配置。木やファブリックの素材感と、各所のアーチラインで空間に静かなリズムを作る。 各ブース内はゆったりと寛げるよう肌触りがよいファブリックソファーとし、それぞれ、ART やディスプレイによって遊びや柔らかさを出すことで、プライバシー感を守りつつ特別感を演出。 人々に安心感と心地よさを与えられるような新たな癒しの空間とした。

When you think of fortune-telling shops, it feels somewhat suspicious to meet with a fortune-teller with a crystal ball in a dim and casual space.
The owner's desire was to instead create an unprecedented place to heal customers’ minds. The design concept is -Urban Natural & New Healing-, striving for a special space that is comfortable for customers seeking healing and hope through fortune-telling. Various plants brimming with vitality and moisture placed on urban and inorganic concrete. The texture of wood and fabric and arch lines in various places give a quiet rhythm to the space. The interior of each booth is made of a soft fabric sofa so that customers can comfortably relax, with each booth creating a special feeling while preserving a sense of privacy by producing fun and softness through ART and displays. We have created a new healing space that gives people a sense of security and comfort.

Designer Takayoshi Ichimura
Art Work Ergo Yoko Ichimura
Contractor Zion
Lighting Y-Lights
Custom lighting Always
Funiture Leif.designpark / Mamoru Naito
Photographer Shin Inaba