Yakatabune Harumiya / Sushi Takamitsu Yakatabune

October, 2022
Sushi & Kaiseki Restaurant
6-17-12, Higashisuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

創業1901年から続く屋形船の老舗、- ハルミヤ - の船内リニューアル案件
デザインコンセプトは「ストーリーを運ぶ船。」東京湾の水辺を背景に、職人の芸術的な和食を堪能しながら家族や友人、恋人と語り合い豊かな時間を過ごす。 大切な人との特別な時間をゆったりと送れるよう、上質で落ち着きのある優雅なデザイン空間を目指した。 白木をメインとした柔らかい色調の船内に美しい檜の寿司カウンター。江戸の切子ガラスの模様を取り入れた繊細なな光のブラケットライト。それらが共鳴し柔らかな光の空間となるよう意識した。 奥突き当たりの壁には日本の伝統的な模様からインスピレーションを得た波の現代ARTを施し、伝統を大切にしながらも新たな方向性へと舵を切るクライアントイメージとリンクさせた。

Renovation of the interior of a houseboat owned by the long-established operator Harumiya (founded in 1901).
The design concept was “a boat that carries a story.” With the waterfront of Tokyo Bay as a background, people enjoy the beautifully decorated Japanese cuisine served by a superb chef and spend a rich time talking with family, friends, and lovers. We aimed to create a high-quality, calm, and elegant design space for people to spend special time with their loved ones in a relaxed atmosphere. A beautiful sushi bar counter made of Japanese cypress is placed in the cabin made mainly of softly colored plain wood. Wall lights with patterns of Edo faceted glass illuminate the interior delicately. We tried to create a space with soft lights where these elements affect each other. A modern art design of waves inspired by traditional Japanese patterns was applied to the wall at the far end of the space, to show the client’s wishes to steer a ship in a new direction while respecting tradition.

Interior Design Takayoshi Ichimura
  Yudai Sasaki
Art Work Ergo
Contractor Atwork
Contractor (shipbuilder) Kitaura Marine
Kitchen Daiwa Industries
Lighting Design Unity
Custom lighting Always
Photographer Shin Inaba