July, 2021
Japanese Dining
117, Enoura, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa, Japan

小田原海岸沿いに建つ築40年の建物のリノベーション案件。当初は取り壊し予定だったが、建物の雰囲気とビューに惚れ込んだ現オーナーが買取り、再スタートを切ることになった。 コンセプトは、海と空と陸をつなげる空間。時間ごとに色調を変える空や海、風情ある建物と海側に立つ松の大木。それらの素の表情をあえて残し、ロケーションの魅力を最大限に引き出すこととした。 昼は座敷からの大パノラマのViewを主役に、波の音を静かに堪能できる仕様にした。光に溢れた爽やかで心地よい空間を演出。夜は漆黒の海を月明かりが照らす静寂の風景を眺めることができる。 海側の松の大木には僅かなライトアップを纏わせ、店内のライティングも落ち着いた大人の空間となるよう演出した。

The 40-year-old building along the Odawara Coast has been renovated.Initially, it was planned to be demolished, but the current owner, who fell in love with the atmosphere and view of the building, bought the property and decided to restart it.The concept is a space that connects the sea, the sky, and land.Spectacular sea and the sky that changes its color as the time passes. A tasteful building and big pine trees. We decided to intentionally leave all of the natural expressivenes to maximize the appeal of the location.In the daytime, the large panoramic view from the tatami room is the main attraction, and the specifications are such that customers can quietly enjoy the sounds of the waves. Produces a refreshing and comfortable space full of light.At night, quiet scenery of the jet-black sea can be seen, illuminated by the moonlight. The large pine trees on the sea side are subtly lit up, and the lighting inside the shop is designed to create a calming and mature space.

Designer Takayoshi Ichimura
Contractor Fujita Kenso
Funiture Leif.designpark / Mamoru Naito
Custom lighting Always
Photographer Shin Inaba