January, 2024
2F 1-18-9, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

新宿歌舞伎町のゴジラ通りに出店。 店のシンボルとなるような象徴的なワインセラーを作りたいという要望から歌舞伎町という都市、繁華街といった場所性と、客層や時代性を再考し「モダンなワインセラー」をデザインの主軸とし、ゲストがカジュアルにワインと串焼きをを楽しめるよう空間構成を行なった。 マテリアルはワインが消費され空の木箱が勢いよく積み上げられていくイメージをパターン化し表現。ワイン樽に使用されるオーク材をメインとして半立体的に木を組んでリズムを出した。 カウンターやテーブル席は特徴的な大理石を設え、料理とワインが映えるように演出。メインの大型ワインセラーは、店内奥にラウンド型のタワーのように構成。店のシンボルとして存在感を出した。店内はミラーを多用することで、木組みのパターンとワインセラーの煌びやかな状況を空間に広げ、街の賑やかさを表現。 歌舞伎町でファインダイニンングの店舗は少ない中、今後いろいろなシーンを盛り上げていくことを願っている。

Opened on Godzilla Street in Shinjuku Kabukicho. The client's request was to create an iconic wine cellar that would become the symbol of the store. Considering the urban and bustling nature of Kabukicho, along with the clientele and the era, the design centers on a "modern wine cellar" and arranges the space so guests can casually enjoy wine and skewered foods. The materials are arranged in a pattern inspired by the conceptual image of wine being consumed and empty wooden boxes being stacked up. The main material used for the wine barrels is oak wood, which we designed in a semi-three-dimensional style to create rhythm. For the counters and table seats, we used distinctive marble to enhance the presence of both food and wine. The main large wine cellar is designed like a round tower at the back of the store, making a striking presence as the symbol of the store. The interior makes extensive use of mirrors to spread the patterns of woodwork and the glittering appearance of the wine cellar throughout the space, reflecting the lively atmosphere of the city. Among the few fine dining establishments in Kabukicho, we hope this space will serve as a versatile venue for various occasions.

Designer Takayoshi Ichimura
Art Work Ergo Yoko Ichimura
Contractor Atwork
Lighting Design Y-Lights / Ryotaro Ikeda, Hiroaki Okuda
Custom lighting Always
Funiture Leif.designpark / Keizaburo Honda
Counter marble Sekigaharasekizai
Photographer Nacasa & Partners