Tokyu Harvest Club Hamanako Restaurant 'La Maree'

May, 2024
Buffet Restaurant
372, Osaki, Mikkabi-cho, Hamana-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka, Japan

ホテルは湖畔に沿って浜名湖を一望できる形状をしており、リゾート地のような非日常感を演出できる特性を持っていた。 そのためホテル内のブッフェレストランをリニューアルするにあたって、浜名湖が汽水湖であることや自然環境及び気候からも、地中海地方のギリシャを起点とした乾いた質感のリゾートスタイルをデザイン要素として取り入れた。 その際、レストランでは浜名湖の特産品や料理でゲストをもてなすため、ホテルが立地する場所の特性と地中海のリゾート要素を調和させることが、今回のデザインの重要な点となった。 店内は日本古来の土間や中庭の要素を取り入れたメインカウンターを中心としてレイアウト。 モルタルや漆喰で左官調の壁面や木材を設え和を感じさせる構成としながら、ラタンや麻紐などの自然素材を照明や家具などに施すことでリゾート感を演出。また、各所に銅(コッパー)を使用し、上質なラグジュアリー感を出した。 見せ場であるライブキッチンでは、ギリシャの陶器を火鉢として使用し浜名湖産のふぐや魚を振る舞う。背面に見える中庭は、カウンター越しに四季を感じられるよう計画した。 店内のアートワークは、場所性を重視しながらインテリアに合わせた素材と色彩で制作。和と洋を感じさせるライブ感あるリゾート空間として構成した。

The hotel was shaped along the lakeside with a panoramic view of Lake Hamana, and had the characteristic of creating an extraordinary resort-like feel. Therefore, when renovating the hotel's buffet restaurant, we adopted a dry resort style that originated from Greece in the Mediterranean region as a design element, taking into consideration the fact that Lake Hamana is a brackish lake, as well as the natural environment and climate. At that time, the hotel will entertain guests with special products and dishes from Lake Hamana at the restaurant. The key to this design was to harmonize the characteristics of the location with Mediterranean resort elements. The interior of the store is laid out around the main counter, which incorporates elements of ancient Japanese earthen floors and courtyards. mortar or plaster The plastered walls and wood create a Japanese feel, while natural materials such as rattan and twine are used for lighting and furniture. It creates a resort feeling by applying it to the. In addition, copper is used in various parts to create a high-quality, luxurious feel. The highlight is the live kitchen at the counter, where fish caught from Lake Hamana are cooked using Greek pottery as a brazier. The courtyard that can be seen at the back was designed so that you can feel the four seasons through the counter. The artwork inside the store conveys the sense of place. Produced with materials and colors that match the interior while placing emphasis on it. The pottery used for the brazier was purchased locally. There, they grill and serve blowfish from Lake Hamana. It has been designed as a resort space with a live feel that gives a Japanese and Western feel.

Designer Takayoshi Ichimura
Art Work Ergo / Art produce Yoko Ichimura
Open Space Luxe & Design / Kiyoshi Wakabayashi
Contractor LackLand
Lighting Design Y-Lights / Ryotaro Ikeda, Hiroaki Okuda
Custom lighting Always / Kenji Fukuchi, Mako Ideguchi
Custom Wood Whatever Works
Stone Matsushitasangyo / Sekigaharasekizai
Photographer Nacasa & Partners